| The Knowledge Tree


One Crazy Dream

To harness the power of collective knowledge of all mankind
and use it to grow a real Knowledge Tree

The Vision

We have a dream. A dream to never let anyone fall victim to a bad service or a crappy product. A dream where no one will ever feel helpless when in need of reliable suggestions. A dream where anyone can learn from the experiences of others and make better decisions in life. A single source for all mankind wisdom.

Dronna, The Knowledge Tree, is a real (Neem - Azadirachta indica) tree that symbolizes the repository of all the valuable experiences crowdsourced by the people of this world.

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How Does It Work

Every useful information or experience you share with Dronna, you not only share your wisdom but also give 2 minutes of your precious life to this Knowledge Tree.

Which means 2 more minutes that we'll do our best to take care of this tree on your behalf. The sapling will need a lot of such 2 minutes of caring till it can become strong enough to sustain itself.

Dronna is going to be the first tree ever in the history of humankind, where so many people from so many different countries, cultures and beliefs will come together to share a part of their life to the ultimate source of knowledge and wisdom. The knowledge that could be used by the whole world and the generations to come.

I want to join Dronna

Can't wait? Want to be one of the founding life givers of Dronna?

If you are really intrigued and want to start contributing to Dronna right away, drop us a mail with some details about you and we will invite you to Dronna's Founding Life Givers club. A very special group of visionary people who understand what this knowledge tree could mean to the world tomorrow.

Lets Create History!
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